Barefoot Designs blends DIY, recycling and refinishing into practical designs for daily living. It is so gratifying to bring lost treasures back to life! Although not everything that comes my way can be saved, any piece beyond repair lends their salvageable parts to future projects.


It is no secret that I can't resist old things - the dustier and mustier, the better! The blemishes in old furniture bring so much character and charm to a room. These pieces have stood the test of time and each nick and ding is a reminder of good times with family and friends. Surely that deserves second chance!


These treasures come to me from many places including auctions, flea markets and even yard sales. However, the pieces dearest to me are passed along from friends and family. A pair of dining room head chairs are turned into an armed bench for a window alcove. Mismatched shutters become a side table. Even leftover pieces of wood can become a seat for a chair.


Barefoot Designs can help you redecorate an entire room or find the perfect accent piece to start the conversation. Since we are always adding new pieces to our collection, check back often. You never know what you may find.